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Sallie Etheredge

My name is Sallie Etheredge and in the summer of 2008 I graduated successfully from the 4 year course Nutrition & Dietetics at the Hogeschool. As a dietitian I am trained all round and you can come to me for all nutrition-related problems. After obtaining my diploma I gained work experience at independent dietitian practices and nursing and care institutions in California. I have coached various target groups and gained experience in providing nutritional information.

In the spring of 2016 I became the mother of a son for the first time. This beautiful event in my life has given me the last bit of extra courage to embark on the adventure of running my own business.  You can partly influence your health yourself by living healthily. Making conscious choices makes you powerful, confident and happy. This process is different for each person, but the most important remains; try it and believe in yourself and create lasting change. Not only to learn to eat consciously, but also to achieve a change in thinking about nutrition. Advising on this remains a major challenge and makes my work very varied. That is why I have always been interested in being a dietitian, also because food science is always on the move. Nutrition is always there and advice on this remains necessary!

Bioblast Pharma Center

Bioblast Pharma believes it is important to build a personal relationship with the client, where trust is paramount. Together changing the diet step by step in a way that makes the client feel good.Bioblast Pharma is convinced that nutrition can be your medicine to prevent or reduce complaints. In addition, there is no talk about diet, but about a lifestyle change through pure and tasty food, which is good for nature, animals and above all for yourself!

Bioblast Pharma Center strives to use nutrition as a medicine, by working together with various disciplines, such as chiropractor, physiotherapist, doctor, and dentist. A body is only balanced when food, exercise, and mind are aligned. Bioblast Pharma Center, therefore, finds it important to focus not only on nutrition but on the whole as a person and lifestyle.

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