7 tips: this is how you can maintain your healthy intentions for 2019!

The new year has begun. A time when many people make good intentions for the coming year. Maybe you want to get groceries more often for that old neighbor, do you want to spend more time with your family or do you want to work harder. Most people also make good plans for their health. For example, they want to stop smoking or eat healthier. Did you know that for example your health insurance can help with these good intentions? Unfortunately, those healthy intentions usually do not last that long, because they are quite difficult to sustain. With these 7 tips you can keep your healthy intentions for 2019 a lot easier!

Positive intentions work better

Doing things is often easier than not doing things. That is because it is difficult to unlearn ingrained habits. They also keep coming back secretly if you don’t pay attention, while good habits get worn down much faster. So choose a positive intention. For example, not: I have to stop eating, but: I want to take the bike instead of the car at least once a week . In this way you make your intentions easier to maintain and get used to it as a habit.

Tell your intention to others

When it comes to health, you may prefer not to share too much with others. Moreover, you are afraid that you will not succeed and that you will be ashamed of it. Yet you do have to share your healthy intentions with others! This way you make the plan a lot more tangible and concrete for yourself. Moreover, others can support you if you have a hard time or want to give up.

Don’t set the bar too high

Your goal must, of course, be realistic. For an inveterate smoker, it may be too much to ask to stop smoking overnight. Then you can draw up a plan that will reduce smoking. And if you want to lose weight, be realistic. Go for a more relaxed weight loss than for a very quick weight loss, because if you lose weight fast you will probably suffer from the yo-yo effect.

Seek help from specialists

Do you have good intentions for a specific health point? Then it is often best to seek help from specialists. For example, think of a dietician who can help you if you want to lose weight. Your health care provider can also help you with your intentions. For example, FBTO supports good intentions, especially if you want to quit smoking. This way you can follow the quit-smoking program with a referral from your doctor. This is a reimbursement that is included in the basic insurance so that you do not have to be additionally insured.

Make your goal measurable

A vague goal is very difficult to achieve. It is difficult to see when you are heading in the right direction or when you have reached your goal. So make a concrete plan with a measurable goal. For example, that you only smoke 5 cigarettes a day. Or that you want to lose 5 kilos. By being as concrete as possible, you make your plan better controlled.

Work with rewards

A reward always works very well to encourage you to do something. There is only one ‘but’ associated with it: do not choose a reward that is directly related to your intention. For example, if you are losing weight, do not choose a food-related reward. Then go to wellness or do something nice. It may be that that reward immediately brings you back into your addiction. This also applies to smoking: a cigarette is never a reward for quitting smoking!

Don’t give up too quickly

Do you know where things often go wrong if people do not achieve their good intentions? They give up way too soon. Imagine that you are losing weight. And then you have a day off or you have problems with your hormones. The result is that you get a huge burden from a downpour, so that you gain some weight again. Maybe you think: “Oh, let it go, I can’t do it anyway.” But that is not true. It is not a disaster if you fall back for a while, as long as you do not get caught up in it.

Realizing good intentions is usually not without a struggle. Is it going wrong? Rebuild your good intention and start again. Don’t be too hard on yourself. And keep this in mind when making your good intention: come up with a backup plan if you give up. This way you will be ready to reach your goals in 2019!