7 most common weight loss mistakes

A tight and if possible here and there a muscular body, that seems to most people something. And yet this is not possible in most cases. Half of all Dutch people are even overweight. Where is it going wrong? In this article, we describe seven known and lesser-known slimming errors and pitfalls. Recognizable situations that are disastrous.

Just one time

We are champions in ourselves. Is it really just one time that we go wrong? Whether we find ourselves sad or on the contrary great, there is always a reason to get ‘one go’.

I’ll skip breakfast

The classic! If you are not already a breakfast lover, then the step is quickly made to skip this meal. 
A good breakfast is just an (unexpected) slimmer. A healthy breakfast starts the metabolism and prevents an almost uncontrollable appetite for something sweet later in the morning.

I just played sports

Is exercise a means for you to work on your health or is it an alibi to be allowed to eat extra afterward? Nice that the fitness equipment or your advanced pedometer shows how many calories you have used, but what is the point if you then overcompensate with a snack?

A plan? I do not need it!

You can achieve a healthy weight only through a structural change in your eating and living habits. You don’t start with that if you feel dissatisfied after having eaten too much. Smashes are bound to fail.

Eating late doesn’t matter?

Choose three meals a day at set times. You have less tendency to snack or eat extra due to the long interval between two meals. And you eat with attention, not with the plate on your lap in front of the television and not with the look on the telephone or tablet computer next to the plate. You must have gone to bed late at night with a full stomach, so you still felt full when you got up in the morning.

I take ‘free’ during the weekend

A popular approach. During the week we neatly follow our new eating and living habits. Then release all the brakes at the weekend. Not only will the effect of our weekday behavior be lost as a result, the body that had just entered the energy-saving mode stores the extra food as a reserve (read: fat).

I like more from light

Light taps heavily. A product can be called light if it contains thirty percent less energy, fat or sugars. Chips that contain less fat can be called light. Even if the fat has been replaced by extra carbohydrates and proteins, so that you ultimately get just as many (or more!) Calories. 
Light products are less likely to feel full, which means we ‘automatically’ eat more of it.

Avoid traps

How do you prevent these pitfalls? That was a question that kept us busy at Happy Weight and how we could help people. We have compiled a written course for this. This teaches you to recognize and avoid pitfalls. The program has been compiled with and by Dutch experts. 
The result is impressive, it has already helped more than 60,000 people to maintain a healthy weight. You just follow the program at home the moment it suits you. It does not have to be an issue for the costs, because the program is reimbursed by a large number of health insurers.